The „Who is Who?“ of musicians Micky worked with as a guitarist reads like a rock music lexicon: Die Ärzte, Samy Deluxe, Boss Hoss, Schürzenjäger, Rammstein, Ohrenfeindt, Rudolf Rock & die Schocker, Stoppok, Ski-King, Masterplan, Real Mc Coy, Molly Hatchet (USA), Dede Priest, Brixtonboogie, Robert Randolph (USA), Achim Reichel, Guitar Army, Tamara Danz (SILLY), VDELLI (AUS), Delta Moon (USA), Lonzo ...and he was involved in more than 500 productions as a session musician. Currently Micky plays with his band VAN WOLFEN a reinterpretation of Blues – best of all on self-made cigar box guitars.

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